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Are Air Ambulances Fail-safe?

Air ambulances are incredibly safe these days. There was a scare back in 2008, where air ambulances, in particular the rotor kind were having problems. The FAA as well as other communities have taken steps to resolve the problems and since then air ambulances are really dependable. As said before, they were not always safe, but the main type of air ambulance that was having the issues of safety was the rotory-wing, or helicopter designs, rather than the fixed-wing or aircraft models. A big component of the trouble was the fact that the air ambulances were being told to “arrive as quickly as you possibly can” and so the pilots were missing fundamental safety regulations. The reality is, it got to the point that once they announced a list of the most dangerous occupations on the planet, air ambulance EMT was listed, due to all those crashes at the time.

Still, since then much has been done to correct the safety records of air ambulances. Not surprisingly, a lot of the issue was related to the rotory type of air ambulance. Why you would wonder? So, to begin with, it could be because rotory air crafts navigate to dangerous spots to pick up patients and have the ability to fly to areas where other kinds of aircrafts are unable to reach. That alone would play a role in a poor record with regards to crashes and safety issues. Consider it this way, a fixed wing aircraft has got the runway to take off on and land with, this means that the takeoff point and drop off spot have to stay the same. You will find a great deal of certainty in those conditions. Whilst it is true that the takeoff point and drop off point are exactly the same for helicopters, they have to drop down into high risk areas and hard to reach geographic sites, that could vary the mechanics of the conditions. In net, air ambulances still help save large numbers of lives every year than they cost and are essential in today’s modern times. Without air ambulances, many people in remote and distant rural towns would not be able to access much needed medical help.
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